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Entre Ríos is a province of Argentina, it lays and borders north of Buenos Aires Province, south of Corrientes Province, east of Santa Fe Province, and west of Uruguay.

Its capital is Paraná (250,000 inhabitants), on the Paraná River in front of the Santa Fé city.

Its "caudillo" is Justo José de Urquiza, who ruled the province most of its early years in the 19th century.


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Guaraníes, charruas and chanás inhabited the area before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors. The first one to adventure up the Uruguay River was Rodríguez Serrano in 1520, searching for the Pacific Ocean.

The first permanent settlement was erected in the current La Paz Department at the end of the 16th century. As governor of Asunción first and then of Buenos Aires, Hernandarias conducted expeditions to Entre Ríos unexplored lands. Juan de Garay, after founding Santa Fe Province, explored this area, which he called "La otra banda".

During the 17th century, a group of people from neighbour Santa Fe Province settles in the Bajada del Paraná, now capital of the Province. At the same time emerge towns that we now know as Nogoyá, Victoria, Gualeguay, Gualeguaychú, Concepción del Uruguay and Concordia.

Tomás de Rocamora explored the area in 1783 under the thread of a Portuguese invasion, and officially founded many of the above mentioned towns. He is also the first to refer to it as Entre Ríos.

During the May Revolution, cities along the Paraná shore have support to Manuel Belgrano and his army on his way to Paraguay. On September 29, 1820, Francisco Ramírez proclaims the territory as República de Entre Ríos within the provincial autonomies, situation that lasted until his assassination on July 10, 1821.

When separated from Buenos Aires as an independent state, Justo José de Urquiza named the Paraná as the capital of the Confederación Argentina, moving the provincial capital to Concepción del Uruguay.

In 1853, in a meeting of all the provinces except Buenos Aires, Paraná was elected as the capital of the Federation, and Urquiza as its first president. Defeated, he was elected governor of the province a few years later while Sarmiento's presidency, but was assassinated before finishing his mandate.

Data of the 1903 census give that of the 425,373 inhabitants of the province, 153,067 where immigrants.


Agriculture products of the province include rice (60% of the national production), soybeans, wheat, maize, and citrus of which it is the second biggest producer, and exporting 16% of the production mainly to Europe.

Livestock production focuses on cattle (4.5 million head), and in sheep production in a decreasing proportion, covering 60,000 km². The dairy industry, currently in expansion, produces almost 250 thousand tons per year of dairy products.

Of the national production of chickens and eggs, Entre Ríos contribute 37% of the first and 25% percent of the second. Another emerging production is honey and its derivatives, mainly for export.

The industries are linked to the agriculture as the food and drinks industry and flour and rice mills. Other industries include timber-wood, chemical, metallurgy, and machinery.

Geography and climate

As part of the Mesopotamian region, the land is almost completely flat, with small hills some 100 meters in height.

The province is named "Between Rivers" because it is completely surrounded by the Paraná River, the Uruguay River, the Guayquiraró River and a few smaller ones.

The weather variates form subtropical in the north to temperate towards the Pampas. The annual rainfall is about 900 mm in average, and occasional pampero and other local winds bring storms to the area.

The province has 2 national parks: El Palmar National Park and Diamante National Park, and hot springs in several locations.




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