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FAQs about renting apartments

How do I search for available apartments for my trip to Buenos Aires?

Every page of the site has the option ‘search’ in the top right corner, which will take you to the page ‘advanced search’. Or you can select your arrival and departure dates, and continue from there to the ‘advanced search’ page. The system will show you all the available apartments during this period. You can see photos, prices, and details, and have the option to reserve an apartment.

How do I reserve an apartment?

Once you have found the apartment that you wish to book, you need to complete the booking form in order to request its reservation. Once we have received your request, we will contact the owner in order to reconfirm its availability, and will write to you to confirm that the apartment is available for the dates that you want. We will also advise you how you can finalize the reservation. Once we have received the reservation fee we will send you an email with the address of the department, and confirming the time that we will meet you there in order to hand over the keys, and to sign the contract between yourself and the proprietor.

Are the calendars on the website up to date?

The calendars are current.
However, there are situations where an apartment appears available on the website, but in fact is not. For example, the owner may have rented the apartment via other means. There may also be another reservation being processed, which will not appear on the calendar until the tenant has paid the booking fee.

What is the deadline for paying the reservation fee?

The normal deadline for paying the reservation fee is 24 hours. During this time, we will wait for you to send us confirmation of your payment, and the details of the transaction. We will confirm the time during which you must pay for the reservation via email. If you cannot meet this deadline, you will need to let us know in order to reconfirm that you wish to reserve the apartment.

When and where can I pick up the keys to the apartment?

A representative of B.A. Home Rental will meet you and the owner in the apartment at a convenient date and time. We will have sent you the address of the apartment when you confirmed the reservation. At this point we will explain to you any details about the apartment, and sign the rental contract. You will also need to pay the remainder of the fee, and we will then hand over the keys to the apartment.

What happens when I leave the apartment, and when will my deposit be returned?

The proprietor will show you out of the apartment, at a time and date agreed at the check in. At this point they will check that the apartment is in a fit state, return the deposit to you and collect the keys. In exceptional cases when the proprietor is not available, a representative of B.A. Home Rental will meet you instead.

How do you work out the check in time?

If you are arriving from an international flight, we will allow an hour and a half for your arrival at the apartment. The check in time for the apartments is between 08.00 and 22.00. B.A. Home rental does not perform check ins between midnight and 08.00. If you wish to arrive during this time, please let us know so that we can co-ordinate this with the attendants of the apartment building. This service has an additional cost of US$ 15.

What happens if my flight is late?

Our personnel will ask you for your flight number and arrival time, so that we can check with the airport whether the flight has arrived normally, or has been delayed. When we know the new arrival time, we will allow an hour and a half from this before we meet you in the apartment.

What happens if I miss my flight?

In the event that you miss your flight, you should contact a representative of B.A. Home Rental in order to let them know the situation and to inform them of the new flight number and arrival time.

What happens if I have problems with my luggage or my papers and I am delayed in the airport?

As in the previous case, you should contact a representative of B.A. Home Rental to let them know the situation and arrange a new time to meet in the apartment.

How long will you wait in the apartment for me to arrive?

Our representatives are prepared to wait for an extra 30 minutes in case of delays in the flight, heavy traffic in the city, or any other small holdup that may have led the guest to be unavoidably delayed. 

What happens if I arrive at the apartment more than 30 minutes late, but couldn’t let you know about the delay?

If this happens during the normal working day, we will be available in our offices to sign the contract and hand over the keys. If this occurs outside the normal working day, or on a weekend or holiday, you will find a card in the door of the building with the name of the representative who is waiting for you, and with instructions for how to get in touch with them and receive the keys. This will generate a new administrative fee as we should go again tomreceive you.

Do the apartments have specific times for checking in and checking out?

Yes, the check in time is at 14.00 and the check out time at 10.00. However, depending on the availability of the apartment, you may be able check in before 14.00 or check out after 10.00. If you want to be sure that you will be able to enter the apartment early or leave late, you should book either a night before or a night after when you make your reservation.

How is the cost of my stay worked out?

The costs are worked out in the following manner:
a) If you have booked for one week, you will be charged the weekly rate.
b) If you have reserved for more than one week but less than one month, you will be charged at the weekly rate, pro rata for the number of nights that you have reserved in total.
c) If you have reserved for one month, you will be charged the monthly rate (n.b.: a month is equivalent to 30 nights stay).
d) If you have booked for more than a month, you will be charged at the monthly rate, pro rata for the number of nights that you have reserved in total.

What costs are included in the published price?

Normally the published price includes all the costs of the apartment: electricity, gas, expenses, municipal taxes, water, and, when it is specified, cable TV and a cleaning service once a week. In all cases, the costs included are published in the details for each apartment on the website, so please check which costs are included in the apartment you have selected.

What costs are not included in the published price?

Normally the cost of telephone calls is not included. The city of Buenos Aires does not have a flat rate charge for local phone calls, which means that each local call has a cost which is the responsibility of the guest. The published price also does not include the administrative charges for effecting the reservation ($35), which will be added to the final cost of your stay.

Who should I get in touch with if I have problems with the apartment?

When you arrive at the apartment, you will be provided with the telephone numbers and details of those you should contact in any eventuality. Normally, the contact for any problems will be the proprietor of the apartment, who will assist you during your stay and will be able to answer any questions you have about the property.

What does the cleaning service include?

The cleaning service includes the cleaning of the apartment, which will be carried out by personnel contracted by the owner of the property. Normally, the apartments that include a cleaning service offer this once a week. In these cases, the cleaning materials are provided by the owner. The service does not include the changing and washing of bed linen unless this is specified. If you would like a more frequent cleaning service than that included, you can ask the owner when you arrive, so that they can arrange the additional service required. In cases where the cleaning service is not included, there is normally the possibility of contracting an optional service of this type.

How should I leave the department when I leave?

You will find the apartment clean, with clean bed linen and towels. We hope that you will return the department in the same state in which you found it, clean and comfortable, even when the apartment includes a cleaning service. It is not necessary for you to wash the last set of sheets and towels you have used, as we understand that you will not have time for this. However, we hope that you will not leave all the sheets and towels that have been provided dirty.

Do the departments have Internet?

If you are planning on traveling with your laptop, you will be able to connect to the internet via the telephone line of the property. Nearly all the apartments have a phone line except a few rare exceptions, please check – in the details of the apartment – that it specifies that there is a telephone.
You will be able to connect to the internet via a free server, and will need to buy telephone cards in order to get credit for the telephone. Remember that the local telephones have a service charged by the minute, and depending on the system in your apartment, it is probable that you will need to ensure you have credit on the telephone in order to be able to connect to the internet. If you need a high speed broad band connection for 24 hours daily, you have two options: a) There are some apartments that already have had broadband installed. b) You can ask a representative of B.A. Home Rental to help you to ask for this service to be installed for the duration of your stay. Normally, it takes around 72 hours from when you asked for it for the service to be installed.


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